Stories of Hope: The Tiny Feet That Changed Everything

Ashley had broken up with her boyfriend when she noticed that something was different about her body. She came to the Pregnancy Help Center to take a free pregnancy test, and the result was positive. Panic set in. She was just days away from moving out of her and her boyfriend’s shared home; this simply wasn’t a good time to be pregnant.

Thoughts about what she should do next raced through her mind. Should she even tell her boyfriend that she was pregnant? She never thought that she would be one to have an abortion, but it seemed like the only option at that point.

A client advocate at the Center kindly discussed Ashley’s situation with her without judgment. She had to make the decision on her own, but the Center would provide her all the information and support she needed to make a life-affirming choice.

The client advocate gave her a card with a baby feet pin and an image to illustrate the size of her baby at that time. Ashley couldn’t take her eyes off those little feet. She came to the realization that, “That’s a person.” All of a sudden, the choice was clear to her. She had to have her baby.

Ashley worked up the courage to tell her boyfriend about the pregnancy and he decided to stay to support her and their child. He has been by her side ever since. She gave birth to a healthy baby girl aptly named Heaven because she brings her parents such bliss and joy. She told us, “I’m so grateful I chose life and my tiny, little feet. Having my baby also made me realize how great her dad is.”

And the card with those little feet? She still keeps it as a memento of the day she bravely chose life for her child.

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