Meet Our Administrative Support Volunteer: Rachel Nazari

The Pregnancy Help Center would not be able to provide life-saving services without the help of a dedicated team of volunteers. This Volunteer Appreciation Week, we are shining the spotlight on these amazing people who work behind the scenes to provide abortion-vulnerable women the help they need to choose life. Get to know one of our volunteers, Rachel Nazari, and read all about her experience at the Center:

Tell us a little about yourself. How long have you been volunteering and how did you come to start volunteering with the Center?

I’ve been volunteering at the Pregnancy Help Center since July of 2022, so about just over a year. I originally heard about the Center from another member of my church, Hope Chapel, Anita Laney. I love what the Pregnancy Help Center does for women in crisis pregnancy, and I wanted to get involved because this is something that I’m passionate about and is personal to me. I actually volunteered for another pregnancy help center when I was in Bible college, and I was looking for an opportunity to get involved again, so I was really glad to find out that the Pregnancy Help Center here in Torrance existed.

What is your role and what does a shift look like for you?

I help in the administrative office, which is a separate site from the clinic. Here, the ladies basically operate behind the scenes. Something that I do since I’m proficient with computers is data entry. Everything that comes through, such as donations through events or monthly pledges, I’ll help input that information and make sure that everything’s up to date and accounted for.

What’s it like being in the administrative office and seeing how things are run?

It’s a really great experience working with the ladies here in the office, they’re all very hospitable and thankful that we’re able to come in and help in any way that we can. They’re always trying to feed me, which is really sweet. I think it shows a lot about who they are as individuals, giving of themselves and of their time and just being concerned for the women in their lives and that the Center is working to help. It’s really a great experience and I’m happy to play a small part in it.

Do you have any memorable stories to share from your time volunteering?

At the clinic where I first started volunteering, ultrasounds are provided to each client after a positive pregnancy test and after six weeks (gestation). My first time volunteering there, I was working alongside Victoria, one of our nurses, to sit in as a witness for an ultrasound, and it was the first time I had ever seen one. It was really exciting. The couple came in, and they were both seeing their baby for the first time as well. Just watching that, personally as a woman who had never even seen a live ultrasound, it was really something quite special. I’ll always remember that.

What is one thing you would tell someone who is considering volunteering at the Center?

One thing that I would tell someone who is considering volunteering is: there’s not much to consider. You can’t make a wrong decision in choosing to help with a cause that is so close to the heart of God. And caring for the little children and for the women who are in these situations who need help, that’s true and undefiled religion. It’s to come alongside those who are in need and stand for righteousness and be an aid to those who maybe can’t help themselves. If you’re considering it, definitely lean towards helping out!

We are so grateful to Rachel and all our volunteers who work tirelessly to provide life-affirming support to our clients and their babies. Thank you for all that you do! We’re always happy to welcome new volunteers. If Rachel’s story has inspired you, find out about all the different opportunities we have and apply to be a volunteer today.