Stories of Hope: A Life-Changing Encounter

When Kendra found out that she had unexpectedly gotten pregnant, she was conflicted about what to do. Twice she made an appointment to get an abortion, but both times she changed her mind and canceled the appointment. Instead, she went online looking for help and found the Pregnancy Help Center.

The Center provided her with a free pregnancy confirmation test and ultrasound exam. During the ultrasound exam, she got to meet her daughter for the very first time. For Kendra, that was a life-changing experience: “Being able to see that she was forming in me showed me how magical being pregnant really is.”

Seeing her baby, and recognizing her humanity, was the trigger that put Kendra’s life into perspective. “I was living a self-involved lifestyle, and now I want to succeed in my life and career to be a good example for my child and her generation.” She and her boyfriend decided to have the baby and work hard at co-parenting together.

Looking back on that illuminating moment during a turbulent time, Kendra is so grateful to have found the encouragement she needed to step into her role as a mother. “As I lie here next to my one-year-old daughter, Zara, I truly thank you for talking with me and providing the services you do. She’s such a blessing; she has made me and my family so happy!”

Our ultrasound exam table is where so many lives have been saved. Seeing their babies on the monitor helps these mothers recognize the life growing inside them and allows them to bond. We’re able to provide these ultrasound exams free of charge because of our generous donors. Please consider partnering with the Pregnancy Help Center to bless more women and babies like Kendra and Zara with the gift of hope. There are many ways to support the Center including volunteering, contributing your expertise, and/or financial gifts.

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