Starting A Pro-Life Ministry In Church

Anita Laney heard God’s call to start a pro-life ministry in her church, Hope Chapel, in May 2022. In a matter of two months, she had already organized a pro-life weekend including a diaper drive, baby shower, and movie screening! Find out what motivated her and how she started Hope for Life, the pro-life ministry in Hope Chapel:

Tell us about your journey to pro-life ministry. What inspired you to become active in the pro-life movement?

Many years ago, I was in the pro-life ministry, Operation Rescue, praying for the unborn in front of abortion clinics. I was also in Life Chain, a yearly public cross of people praying on Artesia and Pacific Coast Highway in Hermosa Beach. 

You started Hope for Life Ministry in your church. What does your ministry look like and how did it get there?

In May 2022, I saw the movie, The Matter of Life” in theaters and God lit a fire in me to become involved in pro-life ministries again. So I searched online to find out if the film could be shown at my church and other churches. And I reached out to a dozen pastors by text and email sharing the information I found online.

I called Stephanie Turner because I remembered she had shared about her involvement at the Pregnancy Help Center during a Markers women’s ministry night at Hope Chapel. She suggested I sign up for the Walk for Life, take the Pregnancy Help Center tour, and consider volunteering as a client advocate.

I signed up for the Walk for Life in May 2022. During the walk, I shared my excitement about showing “The Matter of Life” at Hope Chapel with our women’s pastor, Tracey Mosebar. Pastor Tracey told me about churches having baby showers benefitting the Pregnancy Help Center and asked me if I wanted to start a pro-life ministry. I responded, “Absolutely!” God was calling me and I am now the ministry leader for Hope for Life at Hope Chapel.

Hope Chapel had a Pro-Life Weekend on July 22nd to 24th 2022. That Friday, Youth Pastor Nick Turner kicked off the weekend with a pro-life message, a Voice for the Voiceless. On Saturday, Hope for Life hosted a Baby Shower benefiting the Pregnancy Help Center. Gigi Harden, Development Manager of the Center, was one of the guest speakers. Finally on Sunday, Hope for Life screened the film The Matter of Life at Hope Chapel and had information tables setup for the Pregnancy Help Center and Save the Storks.

We also held a Diaper Drive for the Pregnancy Help Center before and after each event and church service.

How does your church and ministry partner with the Pregnancy Help Center?

Our church generously donated gift cards and baby items to the Hope for Life Baby Shower and Diaper Drive benefiting the Pregnancy Help Center.

Hope Chapel and Hope for Life will also continue to support the Pregnancy Help Center’s Walk for Life and Evening of Hope banquet.

Currently, we have many Hope Chapel members, including myself, who are volunteering at the Pregnancy Help Center.

What are your plans for the future of Hope for Life?

We have a pro-life weekend planned in June 2023 to commemorate the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

We also have a Prayer for the Unborn both in front of the Lawndale Planned Parenthood and at Hope Chapel.

Lord willing, there are two bible studies I would like to start in the future. Embrace Grace, a bible study for single pregnant women, and Forgiven and Set Free, a post-abortion bible study.

We also want to reinstate the RISK ministry, the foster/adoption ministry at Hope Chapel. 

Do you have any memorable experiences to share from your pro-life work?

When planning the Diaper Drive, Baby Shower, and Movie Screening, God provided many gifted and talented volunteers in just a few weeks. Since the Pro-Life Weekend, many more have introduced themselves with the desire to become involved. I am blessed and amazed at how God has stirred the hearts of Hope Chapel.

Admittedly, I jumped in with two feet…and God provided 100%!!

Any tips for someone starting or managing a pro-life ministry in church?

I reached out to many people involved in pro-life ministries, and they shared their time and experiences with me. Each heard the calling and responded, “Yes Lord!”

Trust God, if He is leading you to ministry, He will provide everything you need. 

Hope Chapel Baby Shower

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