Love in a Box: How to Get Your Church Involved

A recent client was considering abortion because she was still in high school. After listening to her and giving her honest medical information about abortion, we gave her a Love Box filled with books, words of encouragement, and a onesie. When she pulled the onesie out of the box, tears began to roll down her cheeks. After her appointment, we followed up with her to find out if she had made up her mind. She told us, “I haven’t made up my mind, but I think I want to keep it. So many people are happy for me, so many people are telling me I would make a good mother.”

Embrace Grace Love BoxThe Gift of Hope

At the Pregnancy Help Center, we use Love Boxes from Embrace Grace as a tool to bless and encourage women negotiating unplanned pregnancies. Amidst a pro-abortion culture that tries to convince women a baby would ruin their lives, many need reassurance that they are indeed capable of both motherhood and achieving their dreams.

Each love box includes a handwritten letter, a book of stories about real women navigating unexpected pregnancies, a journal and pen, and a baby onesie with the graphic, “Best Gift Ever”. The mom-to-be will also get a card inviting her to go online to find a local church that has an Embrace Grace support group for single pregnant women, as well as single parents. The content is curated to empower women and give them the confidence to choose life. Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be isolating; these Love Boxes let women know that they are not alone.

Get Your Church or Community Group Involved

Giving the gift of Love Boxes can be a great way to walk alongside women facing the challenges of crisis pregnancies. You can get your church or community group involved by organizing a Share the Love Party, where you build and assemble Love Boxes that you will donate to a local pregnancy center.

We regularly see the impact these Love Boxes have in changing the minds of our clients considering abortion. We are so grateful to the churches and community groups that come together to give our clients the gift of hope through these Love Boxes. If you are interested in organizing your own Share the Love Party to benefit the Pregnancy Help Center, or starting an Embrace Grace support group at your church, please visit the Embrace Grace website for more information.

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