Fetal Personhood: The Next Pro-Life Frontier

At the American Martyrs Church’s Life Forum, Lucia La Rosa Ames, Lawyer, and President of MBSAFE, suggested that the next pro-life frontier is fighting for the recognition of the personhood of the unborn.

All human beings, because they are human beings, have the right to life, whether they are inside or outside the womb. The value of fetal life, and the interest of the state to protect it, cannot be based on something extrinsic like viability, which can vary depending on circumstance. The value of the life of the unborn must therefore be intrinsic.

This is not a new concept. In fact, historical documents reveal that the US constitution actually recognizes the personhood of the unborn. This is discussed in the amicus brief written by John M. Finnis and Robert P. George for the Dobbs v Jackson case.

Another paper by Joshua J. Craddock goes through the history of American jurisprudence and finds that the personhood of the unborn was assumed up until the Roe v Wade decision.

For more on the topic of abortion and the future of the pro-life movement, watch the panelists from the Life Forum discuss the faith, science, law, and industry perspectives.

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