Stories of Hope: A Christmas to Remember

Keisha was facing a difficult season in her life. She was out of work when she found out that she was pregnant. On top of that, as an immigrant from Nigeria and being a very private person, she struggled with the thought of having to tell her family. Her boyfriend decided that it wasn’t practical to have the baby. “You’re getting an abortion”, he kept repeating to her. Keisha, however, wasn’t so sure. Overwhelmed and without health insurance, she decided to seek help at the Pregnancy Help Center.

At the Center, Keisha found a listening ear in a Client Advocate who discussed her situation with her. For the first time, she felt supported, and she could open up about the complex feelings she was having. She spoke about her fear that the baby would be a girl and be destined to repeat the life of suffering she had. The Client Advocate gently helped her realize that it did not matter whether the baby was a girl or a boy, her baby deserved to live. That conversation gave Keisha encouragement and hope. Eventually, both she and her boyfriend decided that they wanted to keep their baby.

The Client Advocate also followed up with Keisha on how she could tell her mom about the pregnancy. That Christmas, when Keisha was about six months along, she worked up the courage to do so. She wrapped up the ultrasound picture, booties, and a beanie that she got from the Center and gave them to her mom. It was an incredible and emotional moment. And in that intimate moment, she found she could share with her mom other personal, painful things that she had never shared before. That was truly a Christmas to remember.

Keisha gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Zac. Her mom and family were supportive, and baby Zac was a blessing to them all. Speaking with the Client Advocate at the Pregnancy Help Center changed Keisha’s life. She reflects on that fateful day, “Going to the Center was a big relief. It made me happy and hopeful!”

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