With Roe defeated, unfortunately California state legislature is paving the way to make California a “safe haven” for abortion. Rather than helping women achieve their dreams alongside motherhood and creating legislation to support families, the state is pushing them to abort their babies. We must stand against these proposals and strengthen our efforts to foster a culture of life in California.

California Pro-Abortion Bills

Governor Newsom and the CA state legislature are working diligently to pass a slew of bills in the California Assembly and Senate that will make abortion even more accessible. The pending bills are:

  • AB 2223: legalizes infanticide
  • SB 1142: funds abortion tourism
  • SB 1245: makes LA county an abortion “safe haven”
  • SB1375: eliminates abortion safety standards
  • AB 2134: provides for no cost abortion services
  • AB 2586: defunds pro-life clinics, funds abortion clinics
  • AB 1918: establishes taxpayer funded abortion scholarships
  • AB 1940: funds “school-based health centers” whose services can include abortion
  • AB 657: expedites abortion licenses
  • AB 1666: counters Texas Heartbeat Law
  • AB 2091: hides out-of-state abortions
  • AB 1242: bars police officers from complying with other states’ orders
  • AB 2626: prohibits revoking the certificate of a physician/surgeon solely for performing an abortion
  • SB 1131: entitles abortionists to special confidentiality and protection from broadly defined “harassment”

Visit the Right to Life League for a comprehensive list of the bills and information on contacting your representative to voice your concerns.

SCA 10: Your Pro-Life Vote Counts

The proposed Abortion Amendment to the California State Constitution will enshrine abortion in law. It has already been passed by the California State Assembly and will now appear on the November 8th ballot for all Californian citizens to vote on. If SCA 10 becomes part of our state constitution, it will be far more difficult to protect the preborn in our state. The language of the bill includes all forms of abortion-on-demand, including late-term abortion. It is imperative that we defeat this measure on the ballot in November: Vote NO on CA PROP 1.

National Level Developments

President Biden has signed an executive order that could force taxpayers to pay for out-of-state abortion. The order would invite states to apply to use Medicaid to fund women traveling across state lines for an abortion. California is one of 16 states that already fund elective abortions through their state Medicaid programs.

President Biden has also expressed support for changing the filibuster rules in the Senate in order to force the misnamed Women’s Health Protection Act through the chamber. This bill will legalize abortions up to birth nationwide and override the states’ current ability to protect babies from abortions.

Take Action Now

These proposed pieces of legislation threaten the health and safety of women and babies, both preborn and born. Urgent action is needed to stop these misguided bills and preserve the sanctity of life in California. YOU can make a difference:

Call Your Representative

Visit the Right to Life League for more information on the bills and how to contact your representative to voice your concerns.

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