With your partnership, we're able to seize the opportunities that come our way each day to make an incredible impact on the lives of young women and save preborn babies. Below are a few stories about our clients and their precious children.

It all started right after Serena broke up with her boyfriend...

Serena's Story

It all started right after Serena broke up with her boyfriend. It was a difficult break-up, but their unstable relationship was causing stress, and she thought it would be healthier to be on her own.

That’s when she discovered she was pregnant. Telling her ex-boyfriend about the baby added more stress, “He was making me feel like it would be a ridiculous choice to have the baby.” Needless to say, it was a time of uncertainty for her because she also thought it would be crazy to have a baby with someone so unstable.

She found the Center through a Google search and felt such relief at being treated with the caring, enouraging support she received. “Speaking to the client advocate made me feel more confident; that I could carry and raise this baby, even if I had to do it alone.”

Serena gave birth to baby boy Ethan in January and she tells us, “Now that he’s here, I feel guilty that I even considered not going through with the pregnancy. Being a mother has made me stronger, and I want the best for my baby.”

Serena continues to find strength as a new mom. She and Ethan now live with her mother, an unexpected blessing. “I was afraid to tell my mom I was pregnant, but she’s been really supportive and now we live with her.”

Serena is determined to create the best life she can for herself and Ethan. Three words she would use to describe the Center? Encouraging, supportive, and caring.

Danielle rushed to the clinic on her lunch hour very anxious and stressed...

Danielle's Story

Danielle rushed to the clinic on her lunch hour. She’d just broken up with her boyfriend, was living out of her car, and now suspected she was pregnant. She was very anxious, stressed, and wanted immediate help.

When she arrived at the clinic as a walk-in, she was given an appointment for that evening. At that point, did she think of going somewhere else where she could be seen right away? “No, I knew I would keep my appointment because of the kind and caring way I was treated.” She adds, “For a minute I considered abortion, but I knew I had to talk to people and think about my decision. Everyone at the clinic was amazing, and I knew they would be there for me no matter what I decided.”

From her positive pregnancy test and other medical information, the nurse assessed Danielle at over six weeks pregnant, so the ultrasound was performed right away. The result caused another unexpected turn to her story—Danielle was carrying twins!

“I went through a process —I did a lot of soul-searching and came to the conclusion that I’m an adult and I have to be responsible for my actions.” She continues, “Once I decided to have these babies it gave me the motivation to get my life together.”

Danielle has moved closer to her family, now has a good job, and will soon move into her own apartment. Her babies arrived in January!

What would she say to other women in similar circumstances? “If you’re in crisis, don’t shut yourself down. There’s plenty of help available.

Vicky knew she was pregnant from a home pregnancy test, but she had no idea how far along she was....

Vicky's Story

Vicky knew she was pregnant from a home pregnancy test, but she had no idea how far along she was. For the busy young mother of a 13-month old, finding care was a challenge. The first medical clinic she visited refused her an ultrasound, so through a Google search she found our clinic.

About her experience at our clinic she says, “I had so much anxiety and stress that I broke down in tears in the nurse’s office that first day. Everyone there was so helpful and caring, unlike some of the medical offices I’ve been to where the staff is so moody and unfriendly.”

Vicky’s ultrasound showed that she was 12 weeks pregnant. Sharing the news with her family and partner Ben was difficult. Ben’s reaction caused stress and tension, but once she’d seen the ultrasound, Vicky knew she would carry her baby no matter what.

It was a rough year, but now that baby Kyle is here, things have worked out with Vicky and Ben. They’re doing their best to parent their sons together and be a family.

Vicky shares, “I’ve learned that being a woman and mother I have a lot more strength than I sometimes see or feel. My boys have helped me find my purpose. This is what my body made, I created life! It gives me hope.”