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your  image titleThe time that people took to counsel me at the Pregnancy Help Center was more than a blessing. My life was changed, and because of that, I was able to successfully carry the baby to full term and I chose adoption.

I had a fear of not being able to care for my unborn child. When I realized that making the choice to adopt was an act of love, my decision was so much easier and I was much happier.
Adoption is a well thought out decision. I had so many questions and fears about the process, but I had the right help and direction, which played a significant role in my choice. Even though I was already a mother and knew how to be a parent, I felt incompetent because my feelings wavered a lot. Adoption turned out to be the best option for me.

Now that my child has been placed with another family, I’m reassured that he will be cared for and loved two times over. He has his family that God made for him and his family that birthed him. I have a relationship with the family and even their extended family. Holidays will be even more meaningful to celebrate with him because we have Life to celebrate.

It’s easy to give up in the hard times, but to know that God put certain people and organizations like the Pregnancy Help Center in place, I know that I’m not alone. I’ve had infertile families reach out to me in hopes of finding a child through a birth mom and friends and old classmates want to share their stories with me. We can save lives and change them if we stick to standing up for what is right. Pro-life, and Praise God.

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