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your  image titleWhen I found out I was pregnant I really didn’t know where to turn. I was so embarrassed as it wasn’t my first time down the road of unplanned pregnancy. I felt like such a failure. What would people say? I was in a difficult nursing program, working as a live-in nanny, and the father and I were not in a stable relationship.

I was scared I’d lose my job along with my housing if the family I worked for found out, and what would happen in school? I studied around the clock, was stressed out and had long clinical hours, not ideal for pregnancy. With much encouragement from the baby’s father I scheduled an appointment for an abortion.

I knew this wasn’t right but I was desperate and scared. I turned to my faith, which led me to the Pregnancy Help Center. My counselor was so awesome. I felt comfortable to share my history with her and as well as my current crisis. She was so sweet, didn’t judge and was so encouraging. We ended up meeting many times at this cute coffee shop and she’d just listen. She gave me hope. There are so many obstacles, but she helped me see my options for every tough decision ahead. Anytime I needed to talk she was there.

I made three appointments for an abortion and with my counselor’s help I was able to make the right decision for me, despite the pressure from my child’s father, and give Max life.
The love and support didn’t stop there. I did end up losing my job and was scrambling to find a place to live and get settled so I was ready for school. I was so discouraged as nothing was coming up, but my counselor helped me stay strong, focused AND opened up her beautiful home to me.

I was able to rest my head, focus on school and take care of the baby growing inside of me. The last few months were difficult with unexpected health problems, the father’s lack of support and challenging nursing program but I was safe and supported so I was able to march right through.

I now have a beautiful, healthy, happy baby boy named Max. He is such a blessing and I am so in love. I am so thankful I didn’t end this pregnancy out of fear of the unknown. I’m fairly certain he wouldn’t be here today if I didn’t have the support, as awful as it sounds.
I am also happy to report that his father has come around and is an amazing dad and has thanked me numerous times for not aborting. Thank you, Pregnancy Help Center, for everything and for still only being a phone call away.

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